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First Day Hike 2019

First Day Hike 2019

Civil War Photos from Museum Promotion

Dr. Bates

Longwood Archaeologic Dinner May 2019

Crossing of the Dan

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Family Fun Day Garden Tea & Fashion Show

155th Commemoration

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For 23 years, the Staunton River Battlefield State Park, the Sappony Indian Nation, the Historic Staunton River Foundation and Dr. Brian Bates and the Longwood University Archaeological Field School have been excavating in the "Randy K. Wade Site" on the lowgrounds along the Staunton River on the Charlotte County (Randolph) side. Over the years they have unearthed burial plots, projectile points, beads or jewelry and other items labeled as trade, tools, pots, and evidence most recently of charred corn cobs which will help continue to identify the diet of this indigenous population that lived here more than 2-3,000 years ago.

We are grateful for their efforts and honored them with a BBQ Picnic at the Clover Visitors Center, which has been a tradition for over a decade. Good food, fun, and fellowship was enjoyed by all. The site welcomes visitors to come by to explore the process and to learn not only about the field of archaeology but also the indigenous population of the Sappony Indians who were here so many long years ago.

We are for ever indebted to their sweat and dirt filled hands in helping preserve, uncover, and piece together a story of shorts about the time, the land, the trade, the tools, the habits, burial techniques, the diets, and the daily lives of these incredible people. All are welcome to visit the site when it is open each day of the week (from 9am-4pm) each day and they are also there digging way on Saturdays. Great opportunity to learn so much more right here in your own back yard whether you live in Charlotte or Halifax, come on out and see something incredible. History being uncovered and made right at your fingertips.

Continuation of Trustee Retreat

John Randolph Cemetary