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News and Notes 2013

2013 Antebellum Christmas Open House at Mulberry Hill

2013 Annual Foundation Meeting

2013 Commemoration of the

Battle of Staunton River Bridge


The Board of Trustees of the Historic Staunton River Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, is pleased to announce the recent donation of several parcels of land in downtown Randolph through the generosity of “Bo” and Linda Dzyndra, and their daughter Nadia Dzyndra DeMuth. Lots 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105 complete with the “old post office” and “old general merchandise store” were deeded over as a gift to the Foundation on December 3, 2013. It is the hope of the Dzyndra family and the Foundation to completely restore this historic building back to its former glory! The building has not been used in several decades; however, once the Dzyndras acquired the properties in 1995 they worked effortlessly in remodeling and stabilizing the structure. Sadly, several hurricanes slowed the process and the elements of Mother Nature have begun to reclaim some pieces of this historical and vital piece of Charlotte County history. In November, Mr. and Mrs. Dzyndra approached the Foundation, which is earnestly preparing for the 150th commemoration of the Battle of Staunton River Bridge (reenactment) on June 21-22, 2014, in regards to their interest in taking possession of the parcels and buildings with the promise of restoring and utilizing them. The Foundation currently owns one parcel of land in downtown Randolph and it houses an antique Southern Railway Push Cart.

This generous donation will help the Foundation fulfill its mission of promoting, developing, and preserving not only the 1864 Battlefield at the Staunton River Bridge; the Staunton River, Roanoke Station, Mulberry Hill Plantation; the Randy K. Wade Archaeological Site; the Sappony Indian Nation; but also the Village of Randolph, named after John Randolph of Roanoke a Virginia Statesman and member of Congress. The Foundation also collects artifacts and historical memorabilia pertaining to the Southern Railway, the Battle of Staunton River Bridge, John Randolph, Paul Carrington, the Descendants of the Battle of Staunton River Bridge, and Randolph, Virginia.

Several visions for the rehabilitated structures would be a permanent office space for the Foundation, a permanent archive for all records pertaining to the Battle and Descendants of the Battle, a small museum and gift shop in a period setting. Ideally, it would be imperiously effective if a section of this property can be opened during the upcoming 150th Commemoration (reenactment) in June! If you are interested in helping the Foundation restore this historic structure, would like to donate materials (wood, plywood, paint, brushes, furniture, desks, filing cabinets, etc.), would like to help work the cleanup day to be scheduled on a Saturday in January and February (weather permitting), or would like to donate money to the cause, please contact Shane Newcombe at 434-603-1021, visit (tax deductible donations can be made online at our website via PayPal, e-mail, or write the Foundation at P.O. Box 1, Randolph, Virginia 23962.

Pictured following the signing of the Deed of Gift are (left to right) Nadia DeMuth, Linda and “Bo” Dzyndra, Janet Johnson, Foundation President, and J. Shane Newcombe, Foundation Vice-President, with the recently donated property in historic downtown Randolph in the background.


The Historic Staunton River Foundation and the Staunton River Battlefield State Park hosted Mr. David Johnson, author of John Randolph of Roanoke, on Saturday, June 9 at the Roanoke Station Visitors Center in downtown Randolph. Approximately, 50 people were in attendance to listen to the informative presentation by Mr. Johnson about the eccentric character and distinguished political career of Charlotte County’s own, John Randolph. Mr. Johnson’s biographical work, John Randolph of Roanoke, was released in May and he commenced his book tour in Randolph, a fitting location to honor John Randolph. After his presentation, Mr. Johnson autographed copies of his book; and a reception, catered by Scuffletown Bakers & More was held in Mr. Johnson’s honor on the deck overlooking Roanoke Creek. Mr. Johnson is the former Deputy Attorney General for Health, Education, and Social Services for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and currently, serves as University Counsel for Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

David Johnson speaking on John Randolph at Randolph, Va

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