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Mulberry Hill Plantation

In June of 1864, Union Cavalry forces moved south on the Richmond & Danville Railrod, destroying track as they progressed toward the bridge across the Staunton River. Arriving at the Randolph Station on the afternoon of the 24th, they selected Mulberry Hill Plantation as their headquarters and immediately began to plan an attack on the bridge. Due to its elevation and commanding view they also set up artillery on the grounds and commenced a largely ineffective bombardment of the bridge and adjoining fortifications.

The plantation is included on the National Register of Historic Places.

The plantation is not not directly connected to the main park and will not be open to the public until stabilization efforts have been completed. Damaged trees have been removed, the house and outbuildings have been painted, and work has been done on the fence and gardens. Cataloging and preservation of the many antiques and other miscellaneous items inside Mulberry Hill is on-going. Though not open to the public, special events are held there such as the May Antebellum Tea Party and Antebellum Christmas Open House. Click on the linkS below to preview the Mullberry Hill Antebellum Christmas Open House and view the Friends of the Overseer's Quarters.

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