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Noted Virginian author of The Ghosts of Virginia, Mr. L. B. Taylor, Jr., will speak on Saturday, June 25 from 12:30-1:30 P.M. in the Conference Room of the Clover Visitors Center at the Staunton River Battlefield State Park. Admission is free and many different events will be held to commemorate the 147th anniversary of the Battle for Staunton River Bridge.

Mr. Taylor is the author of more than 300 national magazine articles and over 50 nonfiction books. His research for the book Haunted Houses, published by Simon & Schuster in 1983, stimulated his interest in the area of psychic phenomena and led to the publication of The Ghost of Virginia series.

The Ghosts of Virginia is a nonfiction and Virginia history series focusing on the paranormal and ghostly occurrences in the Commonwealth. Its publication is now in 13 statewide series, 5 regional series, 1 Civil War and 1 humor themed editions. Mr. Taylor photographs many of the individuals, artifacts, and old homes and plantations himself, and his penned works are accompanied with detailed illustrations by Ms. Brenda Goens.

The ghost writer is a native Virginian, born in Lynchburg, and has a degree in journalism from Florida State University. He has written extensively about America’s space program, for NASA, and aerospace contractors. In 1974, he moved to Williamsburg where he became the Public Affairs Director for the BASF Corporation. He officially retired in 1993 and continues to pursue his love of researching and writing.

Mr. Taylor’s presentation for the Historic Staunton River Foundation at the Staunton River Battlefield will include information about Virginia’s ghosts, Civil War ghosts, and local hauntings and stories. Following his presentation, he will be available to answer questions, to share stories, and sign autographs. Books will be available for purchase.

The presentation, The Ghosts of Virginia by L. B. Taylor, is part of the ongoing educational and entertainment series offered and sponsored by the Historic Staunton River Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion, development, and preservation of the Randolph, Mulberry Hill, Roanoke Station, Sappony Indian Nation, Randy K. Wade Archaeological Site, and the Staunton River Bridge, Battlefield, and Park, in commemoration of the 147th Anniversary of the Battle for Staunton River Bridge and the Virginia Sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

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L.B. Taylor

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